How Do I Identify What Brand of Faucet I Have?

water running slowly out of faucetEveryone knows faucets are crucial to building – residential or commercial. They supply and regulate the flow of water from the pipes. They can be found in the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, and even outside. Knowing the brand of faucet you have on your property makes it easy to find the right replacement part in case they become faulty. But there are many other important reasons to know.

Why Do I Need to Know the Faucet Brand Installed in My Home?

Surely you can’t be bothered with something so trivial, right? Wrong! Knowing your faucet brand can be important for many reasons.

Let’s say you love your current shower setup. You forgot the ask the builder or plumber what type of hardware you have and it breaks. If you knew what was installed, you could get the accurate duplicate faucet to replace a faulty one. You need not second guess your choice as you are certain you’re buying the right part for the job.

If it came with a warranty, you have access to any warranty coverage for your original faucet when you buy replacement parts directly from the manufacturer. Cool way to save some extra dollars on that repair job for the faucet, right?

Identifying your faucet brand means that whatever upgrade or add-on released by your faucet manufacturer remains compatible if you decide to use those extra features in the future.

Identifying Faucet Brands

There are several ways to identify your faucet brand. You can also use two or more identification methods to determine a faucet brand. These methods include:

  • Using The Manufacturer’s Logo

The fastest way to identify a faucet brand is by searching for the manufacturer’s name or logo. It is important to clean the faucet handles, spouts, and escutcheon as the manufacturer’s name or logo could be imprinted anywhere.

  • Using Spline Count

Most faucets in older homes cannot be identified using the logo, model number, or brand name. In such a case, you would have to detach the broken part. You’d likely be able to get the replacement parts by removing the faucet stem and counting the number of splines (teeth) on its broach.

  • Using Stem Length

If you already have the broach of your faucet out, you may be able to identify the manufacturer and brand by measuring the length of the stem. There is a corresponding point number system to each measurement that gives the length of the stem when measured.

  • Using a Broach Gauge

This is perhaps the most preferred way of identifying the faucet manufacturer and we highly recommend it. A broach gauge works by comparing the faucet handles or stem slot into it against a key to find the perfect match. This is a quick and efficient way of discovering a manufacturer’s brand name.

If all else fails, you could always carry the faucet stem along to your local hardware store and check for a replacement part that fits.

If that’s too much stress for you, why don’t you call us today at Captain Plumber and we’d have one of our experienced plumbers over in no time to look at your faucet. We’d love nothing more than to take that load off your chest!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair/Replace a Shower Valve?

dark shower with chrome valvesShowers have become a common fixture in many homes, if not a necessity. The relative ease of taking a shower makes it readily acceptable to many folks. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your taste and preferences. They are great choices if you need to maximize your available space.

Showers can – and do – breakdown from time to time. You’d need the services of a licensed plumber if the damage to your shower is beyond your control. If you’re looking for a plumber nearby, we at Captain Plumber are just a call away to repair your faulty shower.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For A Shower Valve Repair/Replacement?

On average, you may pay up to $300 for a professional plumber to have your shower valve replaced. A complete replacement of your shower valve by an experienced professional may cost roughly $500. This is often an all-inclusive charge, meaning your payment covers labor and the cost of replacement parts.

Factors To Consider Before Repairing/Replacing Your Shower Valve

  • Are You Fixing Or Replacing?

It is costlier to replace your shower valve than it is to repair broken down parts of it, like the cartridge or stem. You’d need to have a licensed plumber look at your shower unit before you can decide if the damage requires a repair or a replacement.

  • Ease Of Access

If your shower valve comes equipped with an access panel, it makes repair work easier and is less costly than if you were to break a part of the wall to get access to the shower valve. At the end of the day, you’d pay extra to fix the broken wall.

  • Cost Of Parts

Depending on the shower type and model, prices for their replacement parts vary from cheap to expensive. You also need to be sure you’re buying the right spare part. This is where an experienced plumbing service like Captain Plumber comes in. We only use affordable, high-quality parts in our repairs.

  • Cost Of Labor

Although DIY is a much cheaper option to consider compared to hiring a plumber, there’s no denying the fact that some jobs just can’t be done without expert help. It’s also better to pay the price and get it right the first time than having to pay for several expensive reworks.

  • Location

The rates per hour for plumbers differ from town to town. It reflects the prevailing cost of living. Ideally, expect to pay more for a shower valve repair job if you live in the city than you would if you lived in the countryside.

Fixing your faulty shower valves need not be so stressful. If you want quality plumbing work by qualified professionals using only the best tools and materials for the job, your best bet would be to call us at Captain Plumber. We’re always glad to help.