How Do You Know If A Gas Line Is On Or Off

fire on gas stoveWhen it comes to your safety, absolutely nothing else should matter – except it contributes to ensuring it! If your house uses natural gas, then it is important you know where your gas shut-off valve is located. It could mean the difference between life and death – literally. How can you tell if a gas line is on or off? Read on to find out more.

What Signs Tell Me That My Gas Line Is On Or Off?

The position of the handle of your gas shut-off valve is a clear indicator whether your gas line is on or off.

  • If the handle of your valve lies parallel to your gas line, then your gas line is “open” and gas is flowing through
  • If the handle of your valve lies perpendicularly (at right angles) to your gas line, then your gas line is “closed” and gas is not flowing through.

Where Can I Find My Gas Shut-Off Valve?

Your home’s gas shut-off valve controls the supply of natural gas to your home. Turning them off should only be done when there is an emergency. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to know where they are located so you can easily access them in a pinch if you need to. If you suspect a gas leak from an open gas line, turn off the gas shut-off valve and exit the house. Remember, safety first.

When it comes to locating your home’s gas shut-off valve, you shouldn’t expect to find it in an area of the house that sees a lot of traffic (for obvious reasons). Shut-off valves are located either outside or inside the home. Some likely places to find them include:

  • Inside The Home

This shut-off valve is also called the “house-side valve” and this ball valve is usually connected to a black iron pipe that supplies gas to your home. The house side valve can be found in the area inside your home where the gas lines from outside feed into the house. This is the gas-shutoff valve you should ideally turn off in the case of a gas leak.

  • Outside The Home

The gas shut-off valve located outside your home is also called the “street-side valve.”  You usually find them near your gas meters either at the front of your house or by the side. They are often rectangular-shaped and are encased in a cabinet. This is the valve your gas company would likely turn off when they come for their rounds.

Once you’ve turned off your home’s gas shut-off valve, you should call the gas company – or a qualified plumber – to come take a look at your gas lines.

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