Drano Will Not Drain

sink with water in itWe’ve all heard, in time or the other, the popular advertisements about how a particular cleaning product will work miracles in your home. Sometimes they are worth the hype. Other times, not so much. So what happens when a highly acclaimed drain cleaner suddenly stops working for you?

This is not when you go down to the supermarket to buy a “stronger” brand. If your drainage cleaner doesn’t work as effectively as it used to, chances are there’s a much larger problem at hand. You may need the services of a professional plumber near you.

Using such cleaning products in the first place has a fifty-fifty success rate factor. If not handled properly, you could have a nightmarish plumbing disaster on your hands. It would take the skill and experience of a well-trained plumber to salvage the situation and even at that, you would spend more money than you expected.

What Are Your Alternatives?

  • Go Local

Sometimes the solution is closer than you think. Did you know that a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can work wonders for your drains? All you need to do is to get rid of the leftover water in the drain.

Scoop it all out or let it slowly drain down by itself. Whatever works best for you. Pour a cup each of vinegar and baking soda down the drain and allow it to sit for a while. Come back thirty minutes later and run some warm water down the drain.

Not only will you have a simple but highly effective homemade drain cleaner available anytime you need it, you’d also have saved yourself – and your wallet – the stress of going down to the corner store for some Drano.

  • Get a Plumbing Snake

No, we’re not talking about “that” kind of snake! A plumbing snake is just a long strip of pliable metal that you can push through your drain. It usually comes with a hook or a point at one end, which you can use to break up or pull out solid clogs stuck in your drain.

You can easily buy – or rent one – at your neighborhood hardware store. Make sure you get the right size for your drain. To avoid causing more harm, do not push in your plumbing snake deeper than three or four feet into your drain.

Work the thread in till you hit a blockage. Break up the clog using the pointed tip (of hook) at the end of the snake, or wind the snake up to remove the clog up and out the drain.

If all else fails and you’re at your wit’s end, you can always rely on Captain Plumber, your trusted plumbing company, near you. No matter the complexity of your draining job, our team of dedicated and experienced plumbers is well equipped to handle whatever comes their way. Call us today.