How Do You Know If Your Sewer Line Is Broken?

lid to sewerThe sewer line is usually out of sight, so it’s rarely suspected when things go south in the plumbing of a building. In this article, you will learn what a sewer line is, how to know if it’s broken, and workable solutions for fixing it.

What is a Sewer Line?

A sewer line is simply a pipe or system of pipes used to remove human waste and provide drainage. It can become broken and the signs are mostly noticeable. It is important to call a plumber immediately to confirm the damage, when you notice the signs. If left unattended, a damaged sewer line can cause more destruction and expenses.

How Do You Know If Your Sewer Line Is Broken?

There are lots of ways to know if your sewer line is broken, but below are five common signs.

  1. Infestation of Rats and Cockroaches

Rodents and cockroaches are sneaky and annoying creatures. They can easily find their way into your home through a broken sewer line. If you are unsure of where and how rats and cockroaches invade your home, reach out to a reliable and efficient plumber to check your sewer line.

  1. Gurgling Toilets

Do you notice your toilet gurgling or making weird noises when flushing? If yes, then there might be something wrong with your sewer line. Call an experienced plumber to confirm your suspicion.

  1. Mold Areas on Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

A broken sewer gives room for moisture and liquid to seep out. This can cause molds on the walls, floors, and ceilings. Contact a plumber quickly, especially if it’s accompanied by offensive smells.

  1. Clogging Pipes

This is the most common sign of a broken sewer line. If you notice your pipes keep clogging after frequent cleaning, then it is most likely a broken sewer line.

  1. Lawns and Concrete Indentations

Do you notice your lawn looking sunken and indented? How about concrete slabs looking indented, sunken even around walkways? Do you notice that some parts of your lawn look greener than others? These are signs of a broken sewer line and require prompt attention.

3 Quick Solutions for a Broken Sewer Line

There are three major ways you can fix a broken sewer line, and an experienced plumber should do this. At Captain Plumber, we are available to help you fix the following:

Pipe Lining – This involves inserting and inflating a unique, epoxy impregnated liner into the old pipe. This will help make a new line in the old line and easily solve the problem.

Pipe Bursting – This is the method of replacing the old pipe with a new HDPE pipe which is attached to a winch with a cone-shaped bursting head that is pulled through the damaged line.

Traditional Trenches – It involves digging up the floor and trenching through the space. It is invasive and expensive, but is the only solution when the pipes are already disintegrated or collapsed. So, you must notice it earlier, before it causes more damage and incurs extra repair costs.

We are available for inspection, repairs, installation, and inquiries on your sewer lines and any other plumbing needs.