How To Get Items Out Of Garbage Disposal

washing veggies in kitchen sinkHaving a garbage disposal makes working in the kitchen easier. You get to discard the remnants from last night’s heavy dinner without spending too much time and energy. But what happens when a stubborn piece of food – or object -gets stuck in your disposal unit?

Below are some quick, easy-to-follow tips for clearing out clogged garbage disposal but if you’re just not in the mood for some under-the-sink timeout, or you’re not sure you’ve got the right tools to get the job done, you can always reach out to us at Captain Plumber for your plumbing services.

Now that you know you have a readily available plumbing contractor in to fall back on in case things go south real quick, we’d just go right into the steps you can take to get rid of foreign objects in your garbage disposal.

Turn Off The Power Source

Make sure your garbage disposal is turned off and unplugged from the major power source before attempting to remove anything from it.

You would not want it accidentally coming on and making mincemeat of your fingers, or worse, electrocuting you while you work.

Get Rid Of Any Visibly Stuck Objects

Use a pair of tongs or pliers to remove any chunk of food waste large enough to see from the garbage disposal.

Don’t stick your hand in the garbage disposal unit to remove items unless you’re certain it’s turned off, and there are no broken pieces of glass stuck that could hurt you.

Dislodge Unseen Stuck Objects

To do this, you’d need to find the Allen wrench-port underneath your disposal unit and – you guessed right – insert an Allen-wrench into the port.

Work the wrench back and forth to move the masher plates, so whatever is stuck between them gets dislodged. Remove as many pieces as you can see with your tongs or pliers.

Vacuum Your Garbage Disposal

To be doubly sure you’ve gotten rid of any tiny item stuck in your garbage disposal unit, place a wet-dry vacuum cleaner over the top of your unit and vacuum until you can’t hear anything being sucked up anymore.

Turn off your vacuum cleaner and wipe clean till dry if wet to prevent mold from forming inside.

Reset Your Garbage Disposal

Reconnect your machine to the power source. You can partially cover the drainage opening to prevent any unseen items from flying up and poking you in the eye.

Turn the garbage disposal on and allow running water to flow through, so whatever remaining food items or objects stuck can be crushed and washed down the drain.

If you’ve done all the above and your garbage disposal still jams, turn it off immediately, turn off the faucet and repeat the process all over from the beginning.

If after two or three tries and there’s still no improvement, you can reach out to us at Captain Plumber and we’d be delighted to come to your aid.