How to Replace a Single-Handle Shower Valve

replacing shower valve in blue showerSome homeowners decide they need to swap their old single-handle valve when they attempt remodeling a part of the bathroom, like the wall tiles. The need to change the wall tiles might reveal that the valve was already corroding, hence the need to change that too immediately.

In this article, you will learn other tips to know when your single-handle shower valve needs a replacement, and the best shower valve to replace the old one with. You will also learn why it might be best to hire a professional plumber to do the shower valve replacement rather than trying a DIY experiment that might not work.

When Should You Replace Your Shower Valve?

  1. You are remodeling your bathroom.

A remodeling process is a good time to have the plumbing service you use check your plumbing to see if anything such as your valve needs repair or replacement.

  1. Your showerhead is leaking.

If your showerhead is leaking water, the problem is most likely coming from your shower valve. Sometimes, fixing or replacing the valve’s cartridge might solve the problem. But if you can, replace the valve, especially if it shows signs of corrosion.

  1. There is an abrupt change in water pressure

A slow response to water temperature and pressure is a good reason to consider getting your shower valve checked.

  1. You have trouble turning on your shower handle.
  2. If your shower handle is stiff to turn on and off, you might need to replace the shower valve.

Replacing And Installing Your Shower Valve 

The first thing you want to do when you confirm your shower valve is faulty is to turn off the source that runs water to your shower. If your home has a good pump, switch off the circuit breaker to the pump motor, then go further to shut off the main valve that connects the pump to a local water supply.

Selecting A New Shower Valve To Use

You can go for a pressure-balancing valve which is more popular or a thermostatic valve which is less common. The major advantage of a pressure-balancing valve is that it allows you to adjust the water temperature in your shower. There’d be just the right ratio of hot water to cold water.

The thermostatic valve, on the other hand, allows you to set the water temperature automatically without having to adjust hot and cold water settings manually. Because of the heat-sensitive material used in manufacturing thermostatic valves, your water will not suddenly become too hot or cold.

Why Should You Get A Plumber To Fix The New Valve For You? 

Whether you decide to get the pressure-balancing valve or the thermostatic type, you need to have it fixed properly to get the best out of your new shower valve. And while there are DIY videos online that will teach you how to do a shower valve replacement, below are some reasons you should get a professional plumber near you to do it.

  1. A good plumbing service such as Captain Plumber knows what they are doing and won’t mess up your plumbing line.
  2. You will save extra costs eventually because they will do it correctly, and you won’t need to revisit the same problem soon.
  3. They have the right equipment which you’d have to buy if you’re fixing it yourself.
  4. An excellent plumbing service such as Captain Plumber will get it done faster, allowing you to resume the use of your shower quickly.

Contact Captain Plumber to check your plumbing and valve, and get a quote within the same day.