Burst Pipes

A burst pipe can occur suddenly with no prior warning and leave you with merely seconds to save your property or save water — that is if you are home when it happens.

There are several causes of burst pipes and essential actions to be taken during such a plumbing situation.

Burst Pipe Causes

  • Frozen pipes
    You can recall that your home pipes are located in areas where the heat hardly reaches. Hence, when temperatures drop to freezing, the water flowing through the pipes becomes frozen. This freezing and expansion put pressure on the pipes, causing them to burst or tear.
  • Corrosion
    Whether or not you like it, your metal pipes will become susceptible to corrosion over time. Calcium and other materials will build up in the pipes and cause enough pressure for tears to occur.
  • Water pressure
    Water pressure can cause your pipes to burst. It occurs when you have a clogged water pump, drain or even a plugged up toilet. The pressure causes the pipes to expand, and in little time the pipes will burst. This can also occur if you do not carry out routine maintenance on the water pump in your home.

Preventing Burst Pipes

  • Know the location of your blockage. This is the main step in prevention and also when you need to take action for a burst pipe.
  • Ensure that all the pipes within and outside the home are insulated.
  • If you are traveling or leaving your home for up to a day, shut off the stopcock to stop water supply through the pipes.
  • The pipes outside the home should be dug deep enough.
  • Carry out routine maintenance for your water pump and central heating system with professional plumbers from Captain Plumber.
  • Fix any plumbing problem as quickly as possible.

Burst Pipe Repairs

So, what happens when a burst pipe occurs and water floods your home? The first thing is not to panic. Panic clouds your judgment and causes mistakes. Typical burst pipes will bring in a torrent of water but there also situations where the sign of a burst pipe is a patch of water on the wall or ceiling or sudden reduction in water pressure.

Whatever the sign is, find the stopcock and close it. This will shut off the water supply and minimize the damage. Open all the taps in your home to empty the pipes. It is also advisable to switch off electrical appliances close to the leaks. Clean up the excess water and set the furniture aside.

The next step is to call a plumber to fix the burst pipe. The repair will require both plumbing and soldering skills with tools such as soldering torch, striker, and pipe cutter. At Captain Plumber, we respond to your needs immediately and provide quick and professional services to restore your peace of mind. We are experts in fixing burst pipes and offering long lasting solutions. Our experienced plumbers have the skill and tools needed to complete the repair. Call Captain Plumber today.

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