Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

commercial plumbing industrialWhen it comes to commercial and industrial plumbing, Captain Plumber knows how critical it is to have your entire system working at its best. We are here to save the day each time with expert commercial and industrial plumbing services!

Why You Need a Specialized Commercial and Industrial Plumber

A business is a serious investment, and regardless of the niche you belong, your local office will require an efficient plumbing system to function properly. The major difference between commercial and industrial plumbing and residential plumbing is that such facilities demand a wider scale of plumbing systems. The materials used must be of a much higher, heavy-use grade and so should be installed and maintained by only experts in this service.

When the plumbing system in a commercial or industrial setting is damaged or inefficient, you stand to lose time, money, and staff/customer loyalty.

Commercial and industrial plumbing needs may vary depending on the type of industry or business, but a specialized commercial and industrial plumber has the experience to serve you.

Captain Plumber Expert Services

We value the importance of experience in providing the best commercial and industrial services. Captain Plumber commercial and industrial services have evolved over the years through a combination of training and on-site exposure to different niches. We work across schools, stores, malls, offices, factories, industrial complexes, hotels, and many more to provide a safe and reliable plumbing system for all.

Captain Plumber shows up on time, prepared and equipped to offer installation, maintenance, or repair plumbing services with the least disruption to your business or construction project. We see the big picture and support you accordingly.

Our plumbers are up to date with Health & Safety practices, new technologies and solutions to guarantee a complaint and a highly efficient system. We offer professional advice on what you need and the best ways we can enhance your plumbing system. Captain Plumber operates on the principles of professionalism, transparency, honesty, and value. Your commercial or industrial services deserves such expert and upstanding technicians.

Our Services
We provide a full range of plumbing services to commercial and industrial facilities. Our plumbing technicians do everything from installation to maintenance, repair, replacement, consultation, and more. We can embed ourselves in your projects or construction teams if and when needed.

Some of our services include:

  • Backflow Prevention Device installation, testing, and reporting
  • Washroom and kitchen repairs and maintenance
  • Drain snaking and power flushing
  • Trench drain and floor drain installation and maintenance
  • Water fountains and coolers
  • Urinals and wall-hung water closets
  • Faucet repairs and installation
  • Unit heaters, hot water, and steam systems
  • Service and installation of gas heating equipment
  • Project management
  • Emergency services, fault finding, and repairs
  • Pipe freezing
  • Custom services