Drain Repair & Installation

drain repairDrains are the network of pipes that serve a building. They are responsible for the removal of liquid waste or wastewater from the home. A working drain is essential to both residential and commercial buildings.

If the drain gets damaged, it can affect productivity and efficiency. Captain Plumber offers you the best drain repair and installation services. We help to maintain efficiency and comfort in your home or commercial building.

How Do You Know the Drain Needs Repair

Drains can last for a long while, but they sometimes get damaged or develop problems with time. This is usually because of the wear and tear drains endure over time, improper installation, or damage by some form of accident.

The good thing about most plumbing problems is that they give warning signs. These signs help you to detect a problem and discover its source.

When your drains are damaged or require repairs, you would know from the complications that follow. For example, if you have a slow shower drain that has been cleaned before but continues to perform poorly, then there may be a problem with the drain pipes.

Other signs are water stains on the ceilings, under the sink, or on the walls. When any of these signs are noticed, you should call a professional plumber immediately.

Drain Installation

The drain installation process is of great importance and can determine how it serves you. This is why you need a trusted and certified company with experienced professionals to carry out the installation process. Captain Plumber is a company that ensures quality service each time. We successfully install your drains to serve your home or building efficiently. We apply security measures to save you from short-term problems. Our plumbers are equipped with knowledge, tools, and materials to complete the installation and guarantee years of excellent service with the drains.

Drain Repair

When faults or damage occur to the drains, you need to call the right experts. Captain Plumber will send you the best drain repair specialists. These experienced plumbers will check your entire system to find the true problem and expose any other signs of further issues. They will present the results of this inspection and the estimate of the cost.

Our plumbers carry out a thorough and effective drain repair service. They ensure that the process is comprehensive to prevent future damages or faults. We can equally provide replacements for the necessary parts.

Captain Plumber is a plumbing company with extensive years of experience in all forms of drain installation and repairs. We are certified and capable of handling any plumbing problems. Don’t wait for the faults to get worse. Call us now to install or repair your drains.

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