Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair

garbage disposalGarbage disposals are all about convenience. They make working in the kitchen a breeze. When this appliance suddenly stops working, things can become hard around the kitchen. Your response to faulty garbage disposals should be reaching for your phone to call a plumber and not reaching into the sink.

How do garbage disposals work?

A garbage disposal is known to be a receptacle for almost anything our human minds consider as garbage. They are mostly suited for churning up food scraps and breaking them down to be taken through the plumbing and into the sewers. Garbage disposals are durable and work using parts such as the shredder ring and impellers. These parts break down the food into fine particles and the running water flushes them out of the grind ring into the wastewater pipe.

What are the problems garbage disposals can have?

It’s easy to know that all garbage disposals suffer a great deal of use and misuse. Some develop problems from wear and tear while others suffer a lack of maintenance. Putting inappropriate items into the garbage disposal can cause it to jam. If the appliance is tough enough to eat this item, it can lead to even more problems. Tough items like plastic or metal can burn out the motor completely.

Other problems you can experience with your garbage disposal are clogs, leaks, and noises. These issues get worse if a jam is left unfixed for too long. There are also cases where the garbage disposal stops working for no apparent reason. Captain Plumber is a company dedicated to saving the day with expert plumbing services. Hence, no matter the problems with your garbage disposal, we are fully equipped and experienced to tackle it.

The signs that your garbage disposal unit needs repair include bad odors, clogs, leaks, jam, and humming, loud, or strange noises.

Precautions when using the garbage disposal

We know it seems like your garbage disposal can ‘eat’ anything you throw in. However, here are some items you must avoid feeding into the appliance.

  • Paper or wood
  • Grease, oils, and fats
  • Meat, bones, skin, or lard
  • Hard seeds of fruits, coconut shells, and pineapple shoots
  • Any fibrous foods such as celery or banana peels

Fixing minor clogging issues

When your garbage disposal requires a repair, only a professional should be hired to fix it. Meanwhile, there are still minor clogs you can fix or steps you can try before calling a professional plumber. Check the bottom of your garbage disposal for a RESET button. Turn the disposal off first, then wait a few minutes before using the RESET button. If this doesn’t work, reach out to us immediately.

If the problem is a leak and not a jam, don’t hesitate to call us first at Captain Plumber.

We provide excellent garbage disposal installation services for all styles of disposal. Our plumbers always ensure that the disposal is connected to a power source and plumbing system. With Captain Plumber, you don’t have to worry about water damage or leaky pipes. Contact us for installation, maintenance, or repair quotes.