Low Water Pressure

low water pressure showerheadIt’s hard to find someone who hasn’t experienced low water pressure. It is an issue that manifests itself in different ways. You might experience low water pressure in the shower or when washing your hands.

You might also notice that the dishwasher works slower than usual or the washing machine takes much longer on a single cycle. Whichever way low water pressure presents itself, one thing is certain: it is not a fun experience.

Having low water pressure can make your bath less fulfilling and cause you to waste precious time on usually swift activities. There are several reasons for low water pressure, but our skilled plumbers can help you identify and repair them.

How do I narrow down the cause of low water pressure?

As a homeowner, it is possible to isolate the cause of low water pressure in the home. Some of these triggers can be fixed with simple DIY steps while others wholly require an expert.

  • Identify the nature of the problem
    If you experience low water pressure in only one faucet, then the problem might be solved by fixing that faucet. However, if the problem is widespread to all faucets in the home, then you can narrow down the cause with other points below.
  • Water meter valve
    The water meter valve is one of the two major shutoff valves that supply water to your home. This valve is usually operated by the water company personnel. But it can be the reason for low water pressure if it is only open halfway. The water meter valve can be found next to the water meter outside the house or in an underground box.
  • Shutoff valve
    The shutoff valve within the home should also be checked. Sometimes during a repair, this valve might be left partially closed. Make sure the valve is fully open.

Other causes might be:

  • Old steel water pipes
  • Failing pressure regulator
  • Clogged water pipe
  • Leaky pipes

How do I handle low water pressure?

Check the points above to locate the source of the problem. You might not need to hire a plumber if opening the valves can restore the normal water pressure.

When this doesn’t work, the real issue can be identified by plumbing experts at Captain Plumber. Our talented plumbing technicians will present you with an estimate of the job and proceed to repair it. You can depend on us for quick service. Captain Plumber is determined to give you a satisfying experience each time and zero plumbing worries.

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