Re-piping with PEX

re-piping with pexAs a homeowner, it will always seem like there are so many things to fix or replace to keep your home efficient. You might even opt for quick fixes to save cost and time. Unfortunately, a quick fix may not work on plumbing issues and this is why you need a plumbing company that can provide a complete solution while still saving you time and money.

One of the plumbing issues you may encounter in the home is the need for re-piping. The plumbing system is an important part of a house that, if neglected, can lead to several inconsistencies, such as lack of water supply for different purposes. The pipes you have in your house or space determine how much you can get away with being neglectful of your plumbing. Every day, old systems and technologies give way to innovatively updated ones.

A home re-pipe is the replacement of all existing pipes in the home. It may sound overwhelming, but with the right plumber, this project can be carried out successfully.

How do I know I need a home re-pipe?

An occasional total house re-piping ensures you’re not caught off-guard by a plumbing situation. However, your plumbing contractor might be the one to detect a need for complete re-piping during a routine check-up of your plumbing.

  1. You have more galvanized steel pipes in your plumbing.
    Galvanized steel pipes have been around for as long as you can tell. They were around before World War II, and so it is common to have them in most American homes/spaces. While it is a trusted type of pipe, it has its disadvantages.

    One of them is that it corrodes after a while, leading to water pollution. You will notice sediments in your drinking or cooking water, which is unhealthy. This requires that you have a plumbing contractor check out your plumbing and most likely get a complete re-pipe service done.

  2. You have to call your plumber more often than not.
    If you find yourself calling on a plumber near you too many times in a few months to fix several plumbing problems, you might need to get a total re-piping done in your house or workspace.
  3. Your plumbing includes lead pipes.
    You’d mostly find lead pipes in old homes. If yours is a very old house with lead pipes, you should replace them with PEX pipes. Lead pipes can cause water poisoning, which poses health risks to you.
  4. You’ve been thinking of remodeling your house.
    If you intend to carry out a remodeling project on certain parts of your home, and still have either galvanized steel or lead pipes installed, consider giving your plumbing a total re-piping too.

The signs of piping problems are usually noticeable. Here are some more indicators that your home is ready for a Captain Plumber re-piping service:

  • Low water pressure
  • Metal taste in the water
  • Colored water- brown, orange, red, or yellow.
  • Mold or mildew
  • Recurring leaks
  • Slab leaks
  • Pipes above 50 years old
  • Corroding pipes
  • Problems when you use more than one plumbing fixture or faucet at the same time.

What is PEX?

PEX pipes are one of such flexible and long-lasting alternatives every homeowner should get if they don’t want to worry about their water pipes for a long time. PEX is an advanced piping material used in place of copper pipes. They are made of cross-linked polyethylene. PEX is designed to be highly durable and has proven to be a great substitute for copper pipes. It has been used in homes for over 50 years.

In this article, you’ll learn why PEX pipes are gaining so much attention, why professional plumbers are recommending them above copper pipes, how much they cost and how to get them installed in your home or working space.

Benefits of PEX pipes?

  • They have a simple design.
    The simple design of PEX pipes makes them easy to install and repair. It also guarantees fewer leaks because PEX pipes require fewer fittings.
  • They provide the noiseless effect.
    Unlike other rigid piping, PEX pipes make lesser noise when you open your taps, thus preventing you from experiencing singing pipes or water hammers.
  • Flexible and cost-effective
    PEX pipes are easy to install with fewer joints. This makes the overall installation cheaper for a homeowner. PEX comes with lower shipping or handling costs. It weighs less and is convenient to keep around.
  • Highly resistant and durable
    PEX piping is built to last. The material is heat and cold resistant. It is less likely to burst or break during cold temperatures. PEX piping keeps the heat inside and is highly efficient. It is guaranteed to last up to 200 years in use.
  • Shutoff valves at each supply line
    In the event of repairs, the shutoff valves at each supply line make it easy to work and use water.
  • Clean, fast flowing water
    No more corroding pipes or poisoned water fears. The smooth interior of PEX pipes does not scale, corrode or accommodate mineral build up. This means that your water stays clean, healthy, and fast-flowing.
  • They adjust to suit different temperatures.
    Another advantage of PEX pipes is that they are unaffected by low and high temperatures. Meaning, the quality of the pipes isn’t influenced by the temperature. Instead, they adjust to different temperatures.

    For example, the pipes expand during winter and contract when the water thaws. They also retain heat in hot-water lines.

  • You’re assured of a lifetime guarantee.
    PEX pipes are environmentally friendly because of the sustainable materials they are made from. This is why PEX pipes have a 25-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee. Such reassurance also suggests that you’ll be spending less on your plumbing needs.

How long does a home re-pipe take?

The time taken for a home re-pipe depends on the size of your home. At Captain Plumber, we are committed to giving you professional services in as little time as possible. Our team of plumbers will assess your home and the task to give you a good estimate of time and cost. However, a home re-pipe can take from two days to one week.

Re-piping the home is an invasive project that turns your home into a mini-construction site. The plumbers will bring in ladders and tools. Our talented plumbers ensure that this project is as smooth as possible with little mess. Don’t endure bad water and poor plumbing, call us today to inspect and re-pipe your home.

What’s Involved In Re-piping A House

The stages involved in re-piping a house depend on the size of the house. Whether it’s a big or small house, re-piping is a tasking job.

Generally, the plumbers will keep your furniture and areas where they will work covered up and secured. While you might need to shut off some parts of your water service for the duration of the re-piping, you’ll still have a water supply at night after the plumbers are done during the day.
It is important to hire expert plumbers who can ensure this.

The whole process takes up to two days if it’s a small house, or as long as possible if it’s a bigger house. After the professional plumbers must have pinpointed where your pipes are located, cut holes in the drywall to install the new PEX pipes, they will patch up and repaint your drywall.

Afterward, take care not to get the drywall wet immediately after the re-piping, patching and repainting are done. After a few days, you can resume your routine with no worries.

How Do You Hire The Right Plumbing Contractor?

Again, re-piping your whole house is a big deal, so you cannot afford to give the job to a less-qualified plumber. If you do your research properly and patiently, you will find capable plumbing services and select the best out of many good options.

No amount of YouTube videos will teach you out to re-pipe your house yourself unless you have a background in plumbing. You should also avoid hiring the plumbing contractor with the cheapest estimates. You can up a family friend who recently had a re-piping with PEX pipes done to save you the time and headache of hiring the wrong plumber.

Ensure the plumbing service you settle for is licensed, has enough references, online and offline presence, and has been in business for a while. You’ll know you have the right plumbing contractor when they provide you with the full estimates with no hidden charge. They will also offer you a lifetime guarantee on the PEX re-piping job.