Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis SystemsWho wouldn’t want clean, healthy water at the point of use? This is what a reverse osmosis system offers.

What is a Reverse Osmosis System?

A Reverse Osmosis System is the standard for drinking water purification. It uses a sophisticated size exclusion membrane filtration system. The system works by allowing only water molecules to pass through the pores of a membrane. This purifies the water and makes it safer to use. The uses of Reverse Osmosis Water include:

Cooking, baby formulas, in aquariums, humidifiers, beverages, pet water, ice cubes, and so on.

The overall benefit of using Reverse Osmosis System is high-quality water beneficial to health and your pipes.

When should I change my Reverse Osmosis Filters?

Most manufacturers advise that the filters be changed every six to twelve months. The membrane should also be changed every two to five years. Captain Plumber can replace the pre and post filters in your home as well as the membrane. Our technicians do this efficiently to save you stress.

Replacing these parts is vital because they are consistently exposed to water and its pollutants. Over time bacteria can grow in the filter media and contaminate the water. The longer this goes on the less effective the membrane and filter become. In addition, contamination may lead to adverse health effects.

Captain Plumber is here to help!

Don’t hassle with crawling under the sink and struggling to change your filter. Allow Captain Plumber to save you time, effort, and money on this.

We help you with:

  • Reverse Osmosis water system recommendation
  • Reverse Osmosis water filter maintenance
  • Reverse Osmosis water filter installation
  • Reverse Osmosis water system repair or replacement

We can upgrade your unit and provide maintenance to ensure you continually enjoy high-quality water. Our Plumbers are well trained to respect your home and your needs. We arrive on time and walk you through the entire process of what we need to do. You can call for consultation or inspection prior to the installation services.