Shower Valve Repair & Replacement

shower valveAre you worried about your shower? Let Captain Plumber save you the trouble!

The shower is something we use every day, so you can imagine how much wear it endures.

A regular modern bathroom can contain a lot of shower and bathtub options for comfort and flexibility. These options are mostly controlled by the shower valve. The shower valve is usually located behind the shower handle or wall.

You may not bother about it or even remember it until something goes wrong. Almost all shower problems require plumbers to repair or replace the valve.

Signs of a faulty shower valve

Call a plumber if you notice any of the following signs:

  • A sudden change in water pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations from warm water to cold or cold water to scalding hot
  • Leaky shower faucets
  • No water comes from the faucet when the shower is turned on
  • Strange noises from the faucet when turned on

It is important to fix a faulty shower valve or replace it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done. You cannot handle a faulty shower valve on your own. Only a professional plumber with the experience, knowledge, and tools can fix a faulty shower valve or replace the entire unit to restore your peace of mind.

Our plumbers are experts in shower valve repair and replacement. We are highly skilled, licensed, and fully prepared to help you in such situations. Captain Plumber is available to you anytime you call. Our technicians will check the source of your problem and select the tools, parts, and methods needed to guarantee that your shower is reliable.

We offer routine maintenance that can serve as an effective preventive measure for shower valve problems. Our professional plumbers can also provide consultation on shower valve repair and replacement services.