Sump Pump

sump pumpWater damage is something most homeowners dread. The sump pump in your basement is your first line of defense against flooding. You have to make sure it works effectively with proper maintenance or repair services from Captain Plumber.

How does a sump pump work?

It’s normal to wonder how a small unit like the sump pump can keep your basement safe and dry from water damage. The sump pump is installed in a sump pit; which is a hole dug into the lowest part of the basement. The sump pump is activated by an increase in water level at which point the pump begins to move water away from your foundation to outside your home.

Your sump pump works hard especially when the snow melts. Hence, it can wear out or develop faults that require repair.

Warning signs from your sump pump

Any of these signs may indicate that your sump pump needs repair or replacement:

  • The water takes a long time to drain.
  • You perceive a foul odor from the sump pump area.
  • The sump pump makes unusual noises.
  • The sump pump has stopped working or turning on.

Why would my sump pump stop working?
There are several things that can affect a sump pump’s functionality. As a homeowner, you can control some of these factors, so it is essential that you identify them.

  • Power failure
  • Incorrect sump pump size
  • Improper installation or continued lack of maintenance
  • A defect in the equipment
  • Frozen or clogged lines

You can test the sump pump

Testing the sump pump can help you notice a malfunction or schedule much-needed maintenance. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Electrical cord test
    Locate your home’s sump pump and unplug its electrical cords- there should be two of them plugged into an outlet.

    Now, identify the pump cord and plug this into the outlet. You should hear the pump running. Then, plug both cords back into the outlet.

  • Outdoor pipe
    The sump pump pushes water outside your home and into a dry well or pond depending on where it was run. Locate the outdoor pipe from the sump pump and make sure it is debris free or running smoothly. A clogged pipe will limit the effectiveness of the pump.
  • Mechanism test
    Remove the sump pump lid and pour a bucket of water into it. The pump should turn on and pump the water out, then turn itself off. Repeat this again before closing the lid.

Call the sump pump experts

Don’t wait to deal with the loss and damage that comes with a faulty sump pump. Call the experts at Captain Plumber to handle the situation.

Captain Plumber offers services that are targeted at relieving your stress and worry in the home. We are professional plumbing technicians with great expertise in the installation, repair, and maintenance of sump pumps. We help you forego the issues of flood and damage by providing proper installation in the first place.

Our maintenance services keep your sump pump in working order for the longest time. We save you cost and worry in the long run. Captain Plumber is a reputable company you can rely on. Contact us today for sump pump services.