Water Softener Installation

water softenerHard water can create discomfort. Thankfully, you have us to turn this situation around for you!

Hard water is bad news.

Not all water is created equal and there are distinct differences between hard and soft water. Hard water contains excess minerals like calcium, limestone, or magnesium that can mess with your plumbing and daily use of water. Unlike soft water, soap does not dissolve easily in hard water. No lather is formed, and you are left to deal with a trail of scum. You can quickly end up with a higher water bill because of hard water. The major problems homeowners encounter with hard water include:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Awful taste
  • White spots on clothes
  • Itchy clothing
  • Mineral deposits build up in the water heater
  • Scaling on sinks and faucets
  • Rust
  • Spotty dishes from the dishwater
  • Dull hair
  • Build up minerals and gunk in the pipes or drains

How do I tell if I have hard water?

Aside from dry, itchy skin and awful taste, there are other signs you can use to tell if you have hard water.

  • Scaling. A close look at areas like your faucets, bottom of sinks, and showerheads should reveal white or yellow buildup from mineral deposits left behind by hard water.
  • Soap won’t dissolve or lather. This is one of the most prominent signs. Hard water doesn’t work well with soap. Your clothes might remain sticky or carry soap deposits after washing.
  • A strange rattling noise in the water heater. If your water heater suddenly develops rattling noises, it may be the build-up of minerals on the inside of the heater.
  • Low water pressure. When these minerals accumulate in large amounts within the pipes they restrict water flow. Low water pressure can be a sign of the presence of hard water.

The Solution: Water Softener Installation

A water softener is designed to neutralize the harmful minerals in hard water. It literally softens water to rid you of those worrying hard water issues. The benefits of a water softener installation in your home are:

  • Healthy and better taste of water
  • Save on energy bill and buying too much soap
  • Clean water heater
  • Soft, healthy, supple skin and hair
  • Clothes look brighter and last longer.

Who will install a Water Softener? The specialists at Captain Plumber!

Installing a Water Softener is a job for professionals. Our plumbing experts will determine the right-sized unit for your home and proceed with a proper installation process. We aim to leave your home and plumbing system cleaner than we found it. The appropriate water softener for you should fit your needs and lifestyle, and we always make sure of this.

Call Captain Plumber to save the day and restore good water to your home.