Provo Plumbing Services

provo mountains and churchProvo, Utah, is on the list of the top three largest cities in Utah, United States. The city boasts of its continued economic expansion, natural beauty, restaurants, a prestigious university, and even impressive wedding venues. It also tops the list of the highest well-being levels in the cities of the United States, and is, therefore, one of the best cities in the States to live in.

There are thousands of homeowners and general residents in Provo, and if you live here, there are necessities required to live comfortably in the city; one of these necessities is plumbing.

Plumbing is important as it powers essential utilities and allows us to go about daily activities like showering, cooking, washing hands, and so much more. This means that a plumbing contractor is important, but at the same time, it helps to have a basic understanding of your home plumbing system so that you can troubleshoot and carry out small repairs.

Simple Plumbing Tasks You Can Handle

clogged drainsKnowing your Water Source

There are two water sources: a city water line and a private pump/residential well. The well is usually a water source for rural areas and they do not get water bills. Urban residents use the city water line, which attracts a water bill quarterly or monthly.

Monitoring Water Meter and Bill

If you use the city water line, then you most likely have a meter. You should know where the water meter is and beyond this, know how to read it. This way, you can monitor the water usage and expenses.

Adjusting the Water Pressure

With municipal water, you have a water-pressure regulator so that the pressure does not ruin your fixtures and appliances. You can regulate the pressure; all you need to do is identify the regulator and have someone else test the pressure while you do the adjusting.

Replacing the Sink Stopper

To replace your sink stopper, simply clear the sink underside, locate the rod-arm bar; this is used to fasten the stopper, and it is attached to the drainpipe of the sink. Lose the fastener and inspect or replace the stopper.

There are many other plumbing tasks you can learn to handle on your own without having to employ plumbing services. They include unclogging drains, replacing the sprayer in the kitchen sink, testing water quality, and more.

How to Avoid Plumbing Problems

burst pipes leaking through wallIt is normal to encounter plumbing problems, and commendable to know how to handle a few things, but it is even better to not have these problems at all. Here are some ways to avoid common plumbing problems:

Do not flush waste products that are not dissolvable down the toilet this may cause clogged drains. This includes things like paper, hair, plastic, polythene bags, dental floss, and cotton balls. A trashcan in the bathroom reduces the likelihood that this will happen. You should also watch your kids so that they do not flush toys or other objects down the toilet.

Avoid letting products that are not dissolvable go down the drain in the sink or bathtub. This means using a hair catcher or mesh drain screen over your drains in the bathtubs, sinks, laundry room.

Use a filtration system so that minerals do not build up in your pipes and cause damage or low water pressure.

Do not use excessive pressure on faucets and turn them slowly so that they do not get lose quickly.

Check the pressure valve of your water heater often and flush regularly to get rid of sediments. Also, make sure to check for leaks and drips on the tank so that we can fix it early.

There may sometimes be oil build-up in the drain that may lead to clogging. It is best to not have greasy foods down the drain, but if you do, occasionally run hot water down the drain, some vinegar is helpful too. You could also just flush large volumes of water down the drain to get rid of all kinds of debris.

Clean out your pipes every month at least. You can use a drain cleaner that is not corrosive. They use safe bacteria to get rid of grime. Some baking soda followed by hot water will also do the job, and control drain odor.

When to Hire a Plumber

captain plumber manIt is great to be handy, but it is also important to know when a plumber should handle it. This will save you money on future damages or potential danger. There are many times when you should simply let a plumber in Provo do the job. Captain Plumber offers excellent plumbing services in such situations and we are glad to help. Here are some of those situations:

No Hot Water

If the water tank is not leaking, then it is best to not attempt to do anything on your own. It could be a circuit breaker problem, a blown fuse, a bad overload switch, or heating elements. Let a plumber near you handle it.

Water Heater Replacements

It is not advisable to attempt to fix this yourself, especially since this also involves electricity. You may endanger yourself and your household.

Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe may result from a crack in the pipe. You can attempt thawing the pipe with something that produces some hot air, like a hairdryer. Still, a plumber will need to check the reason for the thawing and make replacements if necessary.

Sewer Line Stoppage

If the sewer line keeps backing up, then the problem could be the plug that runs through to the main sewer. You should hire plumbing services in Provo to handle this.

Clogged Drains that Prove Difficult

Clogged drains are easy to resolve most of the time, but there are scenarios where the clogging happens repeatedly. Here, it may be a more serious problem and may only be solved by a plumber in Provo.

Many other situations require the expertise of plumbing service from Captain Plumbing. It’s also okay if you need us for the basic plumbing tasks too because you’re busy or just cannot handle it. Everyone knows when they need a plumbing contractor. Do not hesitate to contact us for all of your plumbing needs.