What To Do When You Lose Water Pressure

brushing teeth with no water pressureWho doesn’t enjoy a good bath after a hectic day? We certainly do! And we are sure you do too. And this is all due to water flowing at the correct pressure. So, it certainly feels alarming when the water suddenly trickles down from a steady flow in the middle of a refreshing shower.

What could have happened? Here are four common reasons why you may suddenly experience low water pressure.

  • Your Water Supplier Cut The Flow

Before you reach the plumber, you might want to check in with the neighbors if they’re also experiencing some “downtime” in the showers. If the low water pressure is not peculiar to you, then the issue might be from your water supplier. There may be some repair work going on. Or there may be a problem with the supply pipes. Either way, you need to notify them as soon as you can so they can look into the matter.

  • Your Shut-Off Valve is Half-Shut

Every house has a main shut-off valve. It may take some searching to locate, but you must find it. Why? Well, that’s easy to answer. Your Shut-Off Valve is your first (and sometimes only) link to your water supplier. It controls the amount of water you get from the main supply lines. If it’s turned off or halfway shut, you won’t be enjoying jet-spray showers in the bathroom.

  • Your Pressure Regulator Is Sending An ‘SOS’

Pressure regulators modulate water pressure coming into the house. Not all homes have one. But if you do and you notice that the water pressure is too low, you might want to check it out. There may be something wrong with your pressure regulator that makes it challenging to regulate incoming water pressure. If this is the case, you’d need the services of an experienced plumber near you. Luckily for you, Captain Plumber is just a call away!

  • There’s A Clog In The Pipe

Clogged pipes reduce the amount of water that can pass through them. And a reduction in water flow equals a drop in water pressure. So have a rethink about tossing the remains of last night’s greasy dinner down the drain. Even if you have a “clog removal” solution at home, you can’t tell what effects such a chemical would have on your pipes in the long run. Your best bet? Call a professional plumber to help unclog your pipes.

So what do you do when you notice a drop in water pressure the next time you are in the shower?

Two things!

First, drink a glass of water. No, that doesn’t magically raise the water pressure. That’s to soothe frayed nerves.

Secondly? See if all the valves that ought to be open are open. Or off if they need to be.

If all else fails, you can always call Captain Plumber for a speedy home inspection.